One week after the end of the world…

Happy holidays everyone! Apparently we didn’t need to worry so much about the Mayan calendar! 😉

I came back to Scotland to spend Christmas and New Year with the family. I arrived here on the 21st Dec and I’m here until the 14th January. I flew Quebec-Newark-Edinburgh which took a while, but I watched a really funny old film called “National Lampoon’s Vacation” on the trans-Atlantic flight, which kept me entertained. Old comedy can be so much better than the new stuff!

My auntie and uncle got this amazing Ernie cake made for my return. He was my favourite Sesame Street character. OK, he still is 😉 Kinda looks like me too!

Back in 2009 after my stint in Svalbard, I returned to Edinburgh Airport to be greeted by a shocking site: my mum, dad and sister all wearing t-shirts with the words “Welcome home Jordan!!” written in big letters besides the most atrocious photo of me that has actually ever been taken. Whilst I appreciate the love and all that, I told them that this time around, they didn’t have to wear those shirts, if they didn’t want to! Needless to say, they wore them.

Me and my beautiful lil’ sis chilling back home at Christmas. Check her music out!

It’s a bit peculiar being back. I’ve only lived in Quebec since February, but both Quebec and North America in general are so different from Scotland. They say the small things make the difference to how you feel about a place, and that’s definitely true. Street signs, the side of the road we drive on, how they stock food and drink at the supermarket… all these things are different and create a very different vibe. I won’t say which way I prefer.

I live in a village just outside the city. It hasn’t changed a bit since I was young, which is weird considering my life has (a lot). Oh, and nobody speaks French here…

But it’s good to be home for a bit! It’s really relaxing and awesome to get spoilt rotten for a while! I’m spending New Year with family and friends in the Scottish Borders. Every year since I was a little kid, we’ve rented a big house for New Year somewhere in the Scottish wilderness. We take our dogs, go on lots of walks, and party hard. It’s even better because last night I submitted my first article to a journal. I’ve been working on that paper for a few years now, and it feels like a massive milestone to finally get it submitted!

In a few weeks from now, I’m off to Norway for the Arctic Frontiers conference “Geopolitics & Marine Production in a Changing Arctic”. The conference will address both policy and science, and the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg will be a keynote speaker (check the conference website here:

Before then, I’m just going to chill out. Eat good, drink good.

I hope you’re doing the same. Have a fantastic New Year!! Till 2013!


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  • Kai

    December 28, 2012

    LOL at the shirts, I’m curious to see what pictures is on it. Scotland’s wilderness must be beautiful, and the Norway trip seems like it’s gonna be fantastic.
    happy new year

  • Jordan

    December 30, 2012

    You too Kai! Hope your diving trip is amazing! Take care, c u soon jx

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