Arctic animal of the day 28: the king crab

Arctic animal of the day 28. King crabs (Paralithodes spp.) are monster crabs, which you may be familiar with after watching an episode of Deadliest Catch 🙂 Paralithodes comes in red or blue form. It is the red king crabs which makes up the massive fishery in Alaska. Red king crabs generally prefer shallow, muddy or sandy environments, whilst blue ones prefer harder bottoms. Like loads of other animals, king crabs have a planktonic stage at the beginning of their life, feeding on algae before settling and starting to roam the seabed. Their zooplankton stage looks very different from the final product!! Adults eat worms, echinoderms, bivalves and algae. The world’s largest crabs also seem to be highly invasive, which means that they travel around a lot (often in the boats of humans), starting new populations all over the place, often to the detriment of the other animals that already live there! King crabs are now invading Antarctica, where they didn’t previously live for thousands, if not millions of years!!

Alaskan red king crab fishing

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